About me


My first Sheltie was born in 1984. Sheila was a mahogany sable female from Germany. She was a great pet, but not suitable for showing as I had hoped for. In 1987 a tricolour female crossed my path rather unexpectedly and I started my kennel with her. The first Skeldale litter was born in 1989. In 1994 I got the opportunity to import a beautiful blue merle female from England. Molly arrived in january, after she had been mated in England. She had her first litter in february, 3 lovely puppies from which I kept our Humphrey. Humphrey was the father of several champions and CAC/CACIB winners. Unfortunately he had to be castrated when he was only 6 years old. It was a great blow to me, as I didn't have any offspring from him (I thought I still had lots of time to keep something). After a long search I was able to import a female that went back to Humphrey and she is the mother of our Manouk. In februari 2001 I imported a blue merle dog from Sweden, Ziggy. He is the father of our Manouk.

I only breed litters now and than as my Shelties are most of all my pets. I try to find the best possible combination to breed a healthy Shetland Sheepdog that fits the FCI breedstandard. Therefore I keep the option open to keep one of the puppies in every litter that I breed. My puppies grow up in my livingroom and I spend a great deal of time socialising them, as only a well socialised puppy can be a wonderful family member. All my puppies are sold on contract (I use the contract provided by the Dutch Sheltie Club). 

I only sell my puppies after I have met possible future owners. I know I am very fussy about to whom I let my puppies go, but my babies mean a lot to me and I want to find the perfect home for each puppy I breed. I hope you will understand that.

My dogs are most of all my much loved and spoiled pets, but of course I like to take them to shows too. Their showresults can be found on this website.

I am a member of the Dutch Sheltie Club and I breed according to the rules set by this club.

I am a FCI judge for Shetland Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, Rough and Smooth Collies

Bianca van den Berg